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American Outfitters And Guides Association
A bar Z Outfitters is a medium sized company taking only
about 20 hunters each season. Seldom do we have more than
four hunters at a time and usually only two hunters in any one
camp. We operate out of one semi-wilderness location
locations within the Purcell Wilderness Conservancy. All four
of these camps are log cabin permanent structures. All hunts
are a one guide to one hunter ratio which gives room for a lot
of personal attention. All of our guides are mature and well
experienced in all aspects of the guiding business. You will find
you are hunting with friends and will enjoy your participation
with your guide and the rest of the staff. Your hunt can be as
difficult and challenging or as easy as you choose. The choice
is yours and the staff will accommodate your wishes. Of
course generally the harder you hunt the better your success.

Most of our hunting is focused on the majestic trophy elk in
the region, but mule deer, mountain goat, grizzly, black bear
and Shiras moose are also available either as a single species
hunt or in combination with other species.

SEASONS  -- All species open Sept. 1st for archery and Sept.
10th for rifle. The first week of September finds the elk
bugling and full into the rut by the end of the week. We find
this without a doubt our most exciting and best value hunt we
offer. The elk will bugle throughout the season which ends
October 20th.
We prefer to hunt mountain goat in October and mule deer
throughout the fall. Both mule deer and black bear can be
hunted in combination with other species on a kill fee basis.
Grizzly bear can only be hunted in the spring (late May/early

LOCATION   -- We are located near
Windermere, BC and we
have been operating in the Purcell Wilderness Conservancy in
SE British Columbia, Canada since 1964. We are conveniently
located only a 5 hour drive north of Spokane, WA or 10 hours
from Portland Oregon. You can fly into Cranbrook, BC (via
Vancouver or Calgary) and be picked up and returned free of
charge by your outfitter.

BORDER CROSSINGS   -- Although Canada has some strict
laws governing firearms you should have no difficulty either
bringing your rifle into or out of Canada. Your outfitter will
provide you with a form that can be filled out before you leave
home. This should get you quickly through customs. None of
our clients have experienced any difficulties in the five years
this policy has been in effect.

EXPORT of MEAT & TROPHIES -- Upon completion of the
hunt your meat and trophies will be ready for you to take
home, to the meat cutter or taxidermist. No special permits are
required if you are accompanying your meat &/or trophy.

species are on a draw, however you will not have to enter this
lottery system. A bar Z Outfitters is allocated a certain number
of non resident tags for each species. These tags are available
to you without having to draw for them. If we offer a hunt we
will have the license and tags available. Once you have booked
your hunt your license and tags will be purchased and ready
for you when you arrive.

1.Bill Jones - 1/20/2009 - I did a goat/mule deer combo hunt
with these gentlemen in November '08. Great outfit, great
equipment, great horses and tack. Awesome experience which
I highly recommend!