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American Outfitters And Guides Association
We may have connected on Linked In or Twitter or Face
Book, or all these places. I may have found you years ago or
just today. What I have learned here online, is people count.  
Everyone, in all the different adventures that our lives offer us,
count to each other.

I thought I thought I would touch base and let you know that
we would love to share more of
Chisana (and ourselves) with
you. I hope you will take the time to visit our website, and check out how great your
Adventure could be.

For more years than I have been with Pioneer Outfitters there
has been talks around the table, sprawled around the Lodge
and even around campfires of sharing Chisana with folks
during the Summer and Fall months on the subject of the
Horseback Adventures.

We are doing it!

There are so many folks that are looking for something
different, for a family vacation or a true "getaway."

Pioneer Outfitters will guide you through the wilderness on
horseback of the Nation's largest National Park... The
Wrangell St. Elias National Park and Preserve in Alaska. It is
as close as you can get to the Last Frontier.

We are offering trips to the Historic Gold Mines where you can
try your skill and luck, Cross Country Pack Trips for the more
Adventurous folks, shorter destination planned Pack Trips to
explore the glaciers that surround us and enjoy the wildlife that
roams freely as well as Horseback & Fishing Adventures that
will share with you and yours just how magnificent this
untouched country truly is.

There are still openings for this Summer and Fall, and we
would love to have YOU share it all with us. We are now also
accepting reservations for 2014!

The new, longer Big Game Hunting trips that Master Guide
Terry Overly initiated last Summer were and continue to be
exactly what more people are looking for. They take the
pressure off so that every aspect of your Alaska Adventure is
enjoyable for you.

The biggest change has been the clients. Instead of 1-2
Hunters, pals, brothers, father and sons, what we have now
are families. Entire families included in Dad's Adventure. It has
been wonderful for us all and hope you keep that in mind as

~I hope we will get the opportunity to ride together and wish
you the best and safest adventures in your future.

Stay in Touch and Safe Adventures
Amber-Lee Dibble
P.S. If you would like to know more about us,

"Quality means doing it right when no one is looking".  ~Henry

What is Pioneer Outfitters?
Pioneer Outfitters is the real deal. Outfitters that really have
only one focus, you. Our client and guest, here in Chisana to
be led into the wilderness of Alaska in pursuit of your dream.
Pioneer Outfitters is real life Alaska. Men and women trained
extensively by the State and in the field. Guides that make their
lives and living on horseback in the wild areas of Alaska, to
stand by you and see you safely into the wilderness, through it
and back. Simply, Pioneer Outfitters is not only who we are, it
is what we are.

How long have you been doing these things?
Pioneer Outfitters, has well over eight decades of year-round
living and experience in and of the Alaskan Wilderness. Since
1924, Pioneer Outfitters has been doing exactly the same
things, in the same areas of the Alaska wilderness as it does
today. Leading clients and guests into the wilderness on
horseback across rivers, up mountains, through the wide open
areas and thick forests.

Chisana is our home. We live here, work here, play here,
explore and wonder here. All year round, we work, chase and
ride our range horses, cut wood, haul water, see, photograph,
monitor, hunt and trap the wild critters, go for walks, snow
machine across miles and miles of tundra, through passes, over
ice and glaciers, snow shoe into places that the snow machines
can't reach and fly over it all in low and slow bush planes like
the Super Cub or fly higher and see the bigger picture in the
Cessna 206.

Where are you located?
Pioneer Outfitters is located in the Wrangell St. Elias National
Chisana is accessible only by small aircraft. It is truly
remote, a location that is separate from the busy world we live
in today.
Chisana's location is as follows;
Latitude 62* 4min
3sec North. Longitude 142* 2min 7sec West
We can also be located looking in the Alaska Hunting
Regulations Book, in Unit 12.

What do you offer?
Pioneer Outfitters offers a variety of true Alaskan Adventures
for you to choose from. Pioneer Outfitters  can take you on a
Winter Excursion, share with you the mystical Northern Lights,
a Photo Safari unlike any other of its kind, a 10-day cross
country horseback pack trip and show you around the remains
of the last historic gold rush. Teach you to pan for gold, lead
you across magnificent glaciers. Climb with you to peaks
above the clouds and you come closer to the great mountain
animals than you have ever dreamed. Lead you, on your
Alaska Big Game hunt, to the majestic animal you are in
pursuit of.

What is your promise (to clients)?
"As a Lifetime Member of The Foundation For North
American Wild Sheep, the NRA, Alaska Professional Hunters
Association and various others, I will continue to work with the
State of Alaska, the Big Game Commercial Services Board and
National Park Service to assure that our youth will have the
same opportunities for good quality outdoor experiences and
hunting that we have all enjoyed for many decades.  Outdoor
recreation and good hunting in a free and wilderness
environment is a heritage that we must perpetuate for
generations to come forever. My promise is to never forget this
and to make sure each and every guest and client that comes to
us is treated with respect and given all the benefits of over 80
years of living this life. To do everything in my power to make
each and every dream that comes our way, come true, and to
make memories that will last a lifetime."~Terry Overly

Who does it?
Pioneer Outfitters is led by Master Guide Terry Overly. On the
ground, in training, on horseback, from the air, Master Guide
Terry Overly is Pioneer Outfitters.
Guides, trained and selected by Terry Overly are Pioneer
Outfitters. Guides, trained and licensed by the State of Alaska
are your guides. Your guides, that know the answers, the
directions, the horses, the land and the game. Your guides that
will keep you safe while pursuing the dream that brought you
to Alaska.

The area is the site of the last Historic Gold Rush and was
once the largest log cabin settlement in the state of Alaska. The
indescribable beauty and enormity of the land with the wildlife
that we live side by side with make any Alaska Adventure with
Pioneer Outfitters one that you will remember for a lifetime.
There is so much to offer here in the Interior of Alaska and we
would like to share it with people looking to "get off the beaten
path" and to experience something really special and different.

The Pioneer Outfitters Extreme Pro Team, aren't just a group
of guides. They are the loyal, smart, tough men and women
connected as a team with the common goal to be the best,
period. To be right, to protect and to guide, to lead others in
the right direction through the wildest country and through
tough decisions.

Pioneer Outfitters Survival and Guide Training. Real life
training, doing with the Pro Team what you want to do on
your own. Not to just live through it, but to enjoy it while you
are doing it.

Pioneer Outfitters Summer Pack Trips, From day trips to
gentle pack trips to glacier walks and cross country roving pack
trips...and everything in between. Glacier Hikes, Gold Panning,
Photo opportunities, wildlife viewing, high mountain lakes
fishing trips, historic trails and the untouched beauty and
majesty of the Wrangle St. Elias National Park & Preserve.

Pioneer Outfitters Fall Photo Safari Pack Trips, Due to many
requests, we are extending our Pack Trip dates into the Fall
Season. The spectacular colors and the fall activities gives any
photographer a whole new season to explore and enjoy.

Pioneer Outfitters Winter Excursions, Photography,
snowmobile riding, ice-fishing or just holed-up in a warm
comfortable cabin- if that is your pleasure. Beautiful,
breathtaking Northern Lights are frequently seen. Visit the old
gold mining sites.

Pioneer Outfitters Big Game Hunting is what started it all in
1924. Winter and Spring Trap lines and Predator Hunts, Spring
Grizzly and Black Bear Hunts and finally, the Fall Dall Sheep,
Grizzly Bear and Alaska - Yukon Moose Hunts. Horseback
hunting in the Interior of Alaska, in your largest, most
unexplored National Park, the Wrangell St.-Elias National
Park. Hunt Alaska with the youngest old timer in Alaska and
enjoy not only the untouched and endless wilderness but the
comforts and experience of Pioneer Outfitters and its horses.

Pioneer Outfitters Winter Predator Hunt. We use snowmobiles
on all of our Winter Excursions- especially running trap lines.
The many hours you will spend on our extensive trap lines
gives you the chance to experience the wilds of Interior Alaska
as well as the opportunity to encounter all species of fur
animals, small game, birds as well as the ever present, elusive
Timber Wolf. You will also have the option of some excellent
upland bird hunting, including three types of Ptarmigan as well
as Spruce and Rough Grouse.
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