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I've been hunting in Eastern Washington since I was a small boy, I’m now over 50, and the Turkey
hunting is the best it’s ever been!

Up to about 10 years ago, you would never even see a turkey unless it was store bought and sitting
on your table at thanksgiving, let alone think about hunting them. Then, for some reason, they just
exploded. Now every time I go into the woods, I can expect to see from 20 to 100 birds and
more a day!

We have both Merriam's and Rio Grandes in Eastern Washington, with some Easterns in Western
Washington. The limit is two in Eastern Washington and one in Western Washington, so if you
work at it a little, you have a good opportunity to get ¾ of your grand slam right here in this State.
Not many States can say that! They even have a name for it, the Washington Slam. Of course you
might have to plan a Florida vacation just to complete the grand slam with an Osceola, bummer, lol.

There are plenty of free to use public lands like State Land, BLM land and National Forests that
you can hunt on, along with 116 thousand acres of private land owned by Inland Paper Co. that
for a $40 fee you can use, so finding a place to hunt is fairly simple. Anywhere north of Spokane,
Washington is a great place to hunt and be successful.

Depending on your expertise in Turkey hunting, and any time constraints, you might be better off
hiring an outfitter or guide. There are a few really good ones that have great success rates. They
really know the land and the turkeys like nobody else, and are expert callers.

There is nothing like getting a big ol' Tom Turkey worked up and coming in to your call strutting his
stuff. Especially when you can see him and he's just out of range! They've got the best eyes in the
business and are super wary. Are you gonna be busted, did he see ya, can you get him to come in
that extra 10 feet? Your adrenalin is off the charts!

Spring hunting season begins on April 15th, so finish your taxes and go turkey hunting.

Whichever way you decide to go, by yourself or with an outfitter, just get out there and have fun!
Washington has some gorgeous country, so take a camera.
Good luck!