Western Wildlife Adventures has been supplying quality outdoor adventures for clients for over 16 years! Whether you are interested in hunting big Mule Deer, Elk, Antelope, Mountain Lion or Sheep in Nevada, hunting waterfowl in one of Saskatchewan's or Argentina's premier hunting areas, or just belonging to a private club for Deer, Wild Pigs, Turkey or Waterfowl in California, we have something just for you!

In Nevada, we participate in the "Non-resident Guided Mule Deer Draw" which allows our clients a 10 times greater chance of obtaining the prestigious Mule Deer tag. We also guide and provide landowner tags (where needed) for Elk and Antelope as well as provide guided trips for both Nelson (Desert) Bighorn and California Bighorn Sheep. We have outstanding guides for Mountain Lion as well. We also put together great family trips for Rainbow and German Brown trout.

In California, we offer private land hunts for Blacktail Deer, Tule Elk, Wild Pigs, Quail, Wild Turkey and Waterfowl. These can be either guided trips or we also offer club memberships where you can hunt on your own.

Our booking division of Western Wildlife Adventures puts together outstanding packages in Saskatchewan for Ducks and Geese, Argentina for Ducks and Geese, and New Zealand for Red Stag, Himalayan Tahr, Chamois and Fallow Deer.

So if you are planning that "trip of a lifetime" or just an excursion with friends or family, give us a call. If we can be of service we will be glad to help. If we can't, maybe we can head you in the right direction.